the mortuary temple of seti I

Where are the Ramesseum temple and the mortuary temple of seti I ?


Here, we are taking about two temples that were dedicated to the god Amun, they are Ramesseum temple and the mortuary temple of seti I


This great mortuary temple was built by Ramses|| and was also dedicated to Amun as Medinet Habu.

It lies on the edge of the cultivated land, it’s about 1.5 Kilometers south Deir El-Bahri

about half of the original temple only remains, but it still has an amazing and impressive monument and reliefs.

During the Roman period it was known as the tomb of Ozymandias

The south and north tower have reliefs of Ramses||’s battle with the Hittites.

Ramesseum Temple


On the south tower, all of the left-hand half of the wall is describing the battle of Qadesh

Because on the walls,  you can see the scenes and paintings are describing Ramses  in his chariot against Hittites who were killed by his arrow or escaped in wild confusion and fall into the river

However, on the right, you can see the Hittite prince and the enemy fleeing into their fortress.


In the first court what remains is a huge figure of the king which it’s fragment was originally 17.5 meters high and weights more than 1000 tons.


2.The mortuary Temple of seti I 

Temple of Seti I

The mortuary Temple of seti I is also dedicated to Amun and to worship of the king’s father Ramses |.

The temple was left unfinished by seti I but it was adored by Ramses|| with inscriptions and reliefs which compete in quality with the work of Abydos.

The temple height was originally 158 meters long but now what the remains is the sanctuary, with it’s various chambers , halls and some pieces and fragments of pylons and courts.

3-Fellucca Ride to Banana island

Fellucca Ride to Banana island

If you make your list for the temples and tombs , you are going to visit in Luxor , then the best way to relax after along day in the historical places.

Take a boat in the Nile river and go to banana island , it’s small, palm-shaded and it’s perfect place to chill out

Take the felucca after visiting the places on your list

Then take it afternoon, sit back, relax and, enjoy the beautiful landscapes along the Nile sides as the boat sails up the river. if you will sail back on the sunset, you will have the chance to see the incredible view of the sunset on the Nile.

Make Sure to visit Ramesseum temple and the mortuary temple of seti I

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