what are the best activities to do in Alexandria? and where to go?

Here we are going to tell you about the best activities to do in Alexandria; this amazing and interesting city will take you on a wonderful trip. Alexander the Great constructed Alexandria and Queen Cleopatra lorded over it.

This was considered the Mediterranean’s Brilliant jewel of a city.

As it owns the Great Alexandria Library and the enormous Pharos Lighthouse where was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

Plan your trip with our list of the best Activities to do in Alexandria.

1.Bibliotheca Alexandrina:

Alexandria library

A re-building of Alexandria’s ancient Great Library, this wonderfully designed cultural and educational center contains a number of museums, also it’s one of the best libraries in the world.

It’s wonderful engineering, a giant sun disk, heads over the waterfront Corniche.

while inside, a vast reading room which wide enough to hold eight million volumes.

Under the main library, visitors can discover some of the beautiful exhibitions.

The Manuscript Museum, with its magnificent wonderful collection of the Antiquities in the Museum.

This museum contains Greco-Roman antiquities, ancient scrolls, texts, and sculpture.

some of these sculptures were found meanwhile some of the underwater explorations in the harbor are the two main attractions.

 2.Corniche of alexandria:

Corniche of Alexandria

At the Downtown of Alexandria, it’s a wide waterfront road.

It’s a very nice place for walks and fresh air

3.Alexandria National Museum:

It’s a very stunning experience to visit Alexandria’s National Museum.

If you want to have a better explanation about the enormous and rich history of this famous and beautiful city.

Inside the museum, you will check out some collections date back from the Pharaonic era (in the basement), until the Hellenistic heyday.

When Alexandria built, Egypt was governed by the Ptolemy dynasty started by Alexander the Great (on the ground floor), and until the Islamic times and Byzantine (on the 1st floor).

In addition to the statuary, displays, and antiquities discovered in and around Alexandria.

There are wonderful map drawings that explain how the classical Alexandria city would have looked like.

this map is very useful and helpful to visitors understand the changing process of this city.

The address is: Tariq al-Horreya Street, Alexandria

4.The Fort of Qaitbey:

Walk along shore-front Corniche road heading to the west side of the city and you will see the amazing Fort Qaitbey

It could be a scale down a replacement for what was before the site of the mighty and huge Pharaonic Lighthouse.

It was counted as one of the seven wonders of the ancient world as this fort has been built on Alexandria’s eastern harbor since 1480.

Mamluke Sultan Qaitbey built the Fort of Qaitbey in order to fortify this main Egyptian port from attack.

Inside, you can check out the series of stone-walled chambers and go up to the roof to see over the Mediterranean sea.

Location: Corniche, Eastern Harbour

5.Kom el-Dikka:

They thought to clear the location of Kom el-Dikka  around 1947 in order to clear the location for new housing

But instead, the location known as Kom el-Dikka (“Mound of Rubble”) revealed a complete swag of ancient monuments and ruins, including a Roman theater.

Location:  Yousri Street, Alexandria

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