Luxor Museum

The best places to visit in Luxor

The best places to visit in Luxor include a lot of temples, museums from the ancient Egyptian times, it also contains a lot of building from the Islamic period

Here, we are going to talk about some of the beautiful reliefs and monuments from the ancient Egypt.

1-Luxor Museum:

Luxor museum is one of the best places to visit in Luxor, as it holds a beautiful collection from Luxor which tells the story of the ancient Egyptians in Thebes up to the Islamic times.

The museum also contains two of the royal mummies for Ahmose|, these mummies has two rooms on the ground floor in the museum

The upper floor of Luxor museum has a lot of silver bowls, amulets and tombs and grave furnishings

As you are in the museum take the chance to the reliefs on the re-erected wall of Akhenaten.

The 283 sandstone blocks pieces are covered with painting and reliefs, there blocks were originally belonged to Akhenaten’s temple


2-Medinet habu:

Medinet habu with the famous Valley of the Kings and the beautiful Deir Al-Bahri temple are the main attractions destinations on the west bank of the Nile

MAKE SURE to put Medinet Habu in your trip list, because this is one of the most beautiful and decorated temple

The complex consists of an older and small temple it was built during the 18th dynasty.

They enlarged later on the same period, also he great temple of Ramses |||, associated with a nice royal palace

The main temple was exactly built to match the model of Ramessum and , like Ramessum ; this temple was dedicated to god Amun

The monuments and the reliefs in Medinet Habu are among the best you can see in the west bank

3-Tombs of the Nobles :

Tombs of the Nobles

If you didn’t have the chance to visit the Valley of the Kings, then take a tour  in the tombs of the Nobles.

They are less famous than the Valley of the Kings but include more tombs which have better-preserved paintings

The area contains about 400 tombs of different dignitaries, which date is between the 6 th dynasty up to the Ptolemaic era

The tombs of nobles’ paintings aren’t about guiding the dead people to the afterlife.

but instead, they show and explain parts and scenes from Egyptian people daily life

Especially, the tomb of Rekhmire, the tomb of Nakht, tomb of Menna, tomb of Khonsu, tomb of sennofer are home of some vivid and amazing paintings

If you don’t have much time to visit all of these tombs , just see the tomb of sennofer and tomb of Rekhmire.

Both of them have amazing detailed paintings that showcase scenes from people’s daily lifestyle and family life.

Rekhmire was an overseer during the times of the pharaoh’s Vizier, while sennofer was during the time of Amenhotep ||

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