Aswan tourism! Beauty waiting to be explored!

This is the complete guide about Aswan tourism explains a lot about the wonderful Aswan and it’s monuments.

Aswan’s location is below the northern-most cataract on the Nile,  marked the traditional southern frontier of Egypt with rival Nubia.

During ancient times, the Nubians people competed with the Egyptian kings for influence and territory as their power waned and ebbed.

But, Aswan remained the natural boundary between them.

Aswan was not only a political border, but also a natural economic intersection.

The city thrived as a trading center and passage between Egypt and the rest of Africa.

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Aswan Location

In this complete guide about Aswan tourism, we will guide you through the amazing destinations in Aswan to help you have the best experience during your trip.

Aswan location is in Egypt’s southern-most, like Cairo, and Luxor, on the shores of the Nile River, at its first cataract.

Its north side lies about 750 miles of the Nile until it reaches the Nile Delta then the Mediterranean Sea.

What distinguishes this beautiful city apart from other touristic destinations in Egypt is that the buildings in Aswan only occupy the East Bank.

there are two islands in the river, with its barren West Bank’s dunes, literally, on the water’s edge.

The West Bank has few touristic destinations, really amazing, structures including the Aga Khan Mausoleum, the Monastery of St Simeon, and the Tombs of the Nobles.

Aswan is located roughly where the Eastern Desert and the Western Desert meet,

just north of the great lake of water created because of the Aswan Dam called Nasser lake.

Colorful Nubian houses

Aswan climate:

Aswan has a beautiful winter climate and is a popular visiting season from November until March with Egyptians as well as international travelers.

The temperature range is around 22-32°C.

Aswan is very attractive and considered the busy market center of the area.

Its old name of Swenet means ‘trade’

Archaeologists can trace Aswan history back until the ancient times

when there are some pieces of evidence that suggest that Aswan was the very first Egyptian community.

Aswan people had relocated from the desert dunes to the fertile Nile banks

Because of searching for a supply of fish, water, and fertile land on which to grow produce.

They were trading their goods and so they gain a big reputation as a trading center.

Highlights in Aswan

As Swenet, the city had the essential role of protecting Egypt at its southernmost boundary from invaders

Shreds of evidence say that Aswan stone quarries had provided the granite rocks known as Syenite,

for most of the stunning temples, obelisks, and columns built by the pharaohs, including the Giza Pyramids.

Today, Aswan is famous for its plenty of palm trees and tropical gardens, located beside one of the largest parts of the Nile River.

Aswan palm trees from the complete guide about Aswan tourism

As such, it has a lot of islands dotted off its shores.

Two of the largest islands are Kitchener’s Island, known for being full of exotic plants, and the much wider Elephantine Island.

Aswan Attractions: Beauty waiting to be explored!

Aswan’s location at the cataract has continued to customize its history even in recent times.

At the end of the 19th century, Aswan grew into a travelers’ destination

because of its warm winter As suitable weather attracting European tourists, who want to escape the cold in their homelands for some time.

Today, Aswan is still one of the must-see tourist destinations in Egypt.

It’s known for beautiful natural sights along the Nile and also the Nubian culture which still a great influence in southern Egypt.

Aswan sunset view from the Nile

According to Cairo’s frenetic pace and the high concentration of tourists in Luxor in its many ancient Egypt monuments, and museums, Aswan offers a more relaxed experience.

Aswan is the smallest of Egypt’s major touristic cities, but it also bears the distinctive mark of the more relaxed Nubian culture.

Tourists, who are interested in the ancient Egypt history cannot pass up Aswan

Because of the wonderful Philae Temple nearby, it’s location is on an island behind the old Aswan Dam.

the famous Abu Simbel Temples is several hours south along the banks of Nasser Lake.

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The Ultimate Guide for tourism in Egypt about the Weather and locations

TODAY, We are going to give you  The ultimate Guide for tourism in Egypt  Besides giving birth to one of the most amazing seven wonders of the ancient world, Egypt is considered a land of passion.

Egypt can be visited anytime during the year due to its different geographical climate (however, some months of the year are better than others).

The country provides tourists with lifetime wonderful memories and it’s also considered to be one of the best tourist-friendly countries in Africa and the Middle East.

The conclusion about the tourism in Egypt that there is no right or wrong way or time to travel, mainly because each individual’s travel experience is special and unique.

However, when you learn more about people’s trips experiences, you can make better decision whether a destination is the best for you or not.

With the right information, you will have the chance to plan properly and prepare for a fantastic travel experience.

In this ultimate Guide for tourism in Egypt , I will give you the information that will guide you to make the best of your time in Egypt, let’s begin.

What is the best time to visit Egypt?!

The best time to visit Egypt is a critical question because it depends on personal preferences.

As some people prefer the colder seasons, others would like to travel during the hotter seasons.

Most tourists come to Egypt during springtime. Between March and May, the weather is not as hot and it is quite refreshing.

If you want to enjoy water activities such as swimming and diving, then you need to visit Egypt during April and May.

There is also a chance of having sandstorms (such as the Khamsin wind).

Between June and August, temperatures reach an average of 35 degrees.

The weather gets even hotter because of the intense humidity; so, if you don’t has a problem  to face the fierce heat, then this is the best time for you to visit Egypt.

If you put your plans to visit Egypt for some intense outdoor activities, then you may delay your visit up to the springtime.

However, this is considered a great time to visit; if you want to spend most of time enjoying in the swimming pool and indoors stuff.

Between September and October, the weather is often colder due to the fresh sea breeze that starts in that time.

This period is the best time to visit the beach as it is not crowded at this time.

The winter season in Egypt is the season when tourism rises in Egypt.

During this time, you may see long lines of visitors at ancient sites as Temples and Tombs, and a lot of tourists in the hotels.

The winter has some festivities in Egypt, where celebrations as the Abu Simbel and Coptic Christmas festivals occur.

So, what are the rules during visiting Egypt?

When we talk about safety, then we can say Egypt’s tourist attractions sites are most often safe.

In general, Egypt is a magnificent place with amazing people who are always ready to help you.

However, there are some rules that you need to understand well and follow to have an easygoing experience in Egypt.


Tell me about Cairo!

The ultimate guide for tourism inEgypt

Cairo is a busy big city with millions of people, and this lead sometimes to long lines of traffic.

Because of that, if you are travelling anywhere inside Cairo, then it maybe it’s better to hire a driver or call an Uber.

Another thing that you need to pay attention to is the simple rules that guide the conduct of visitors around historical monuments.

Certain spiritual beliefs in Egypt require the tourists to maintain some level of decorum.

It is essential to understand the laws that control these beliefs and abide by them In terms of cost; Egypt is relatively cheap for people from developed nations.

One of the most expensive stuff that you can do in Egypt is the hot air balloon ride, however it deserves a try especially in Luxor to see the biggest air museum and enjoy the sunshine and the temples from above.

It is also a smart idea to have lots of small coins and bills, so it will be easier to give tips. Another advice to try different Egyptian food types during your visit to Egypt.

Because you are able to choose from a long tasty list of ingredients and dishes but make sure that they are suitable for you.

One dish that is so delicious and stands out in Egypt is Koshary- a traditional dish that is a mix of macaroni, rice, and lentils.



You hear “Egypt” , you can imagine a lot of photos.

Egypt has a special culture, history, and heritage of more than 7000 years.

This results in the different amazing experiences to take in Egypt.

A lot of people also consider Egypt  as a gathering location  of people from all around  the world.

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