Sharm El Sheikh, The City Of Peace

Sharm El Sheikh is one of the most pioneering Egyptian cities. In the diversity of tourist activities and the most welcoming to visitors from inside and outside Egypt. it has many Places to Visit As it includes many tourist resorts and countless attractions. Sharm El Sheikh distinguished by its stunning beaches that attract diving enthusiasts. To see the wonders of coral reefs and marine life . Being one of the best international diving centers. While the city embraces many tourist resorts, where the number of hotels reaches about 200 hotels. besides entertainment cities, nightclubs, casinos. And commercial markets, as well as the international airport. If you love renewal and spend an adventure-filled trip. You may not find a single tourist place that guarantees this unique diversity of attractions. And provides you with many wonderful tourist options throughout the whole day. Such as the city of Sharm El Sheikh.


1- Ras Mohamed Nature Reserve

One of Sharm El Sheikh’s most famous natural landmarks. And the most attractive for tourists. Thanks to its diversity that appears in its terrain and its unique marine creatures. That spread over an area of 480 km at a distance of 12 km from the city is what put Sharm El Sheikh on the tourist map. The peninsula surrounded by some of the most amazing diving sites in the world. You can enjoy watching about 1000 species of attractive colorful fish. about 150 species of crustaceans and sea turtles. And hundreds of coral reefs with rock formations and picturesque gradations. The most famous of which is the Shark Observatory south of the reserve with wonderful views of the sea.


2- Abu Galum Nature Reserve

One of the most important tourist attractions in Sharm El Sheikh. that you should visit while you wander between the different tourist places . Abu Gallum is distinguished by its high mountainous, golden and soft sand dunes. As well as a diverse and unique wildlife that includes the most famous animals, birds, reptiles and rodents. That characterize the desert environment in Sinai. Despite its desert environment.It is not without the distinctive coastal appearance of the city. As the sea in the Abu Gallum area has a wonderful and diverse group of marine creatures. And coral barriers with picturesque colors.


3- Safari

One of the best tourist activities in Sharm El Sheikh is organizing safari trips. Through an agreement with one of the tourism companies in the city. Which will provide you with a bus to take you to and from your place of residence. on a 3 to 4 hour trip between the beauty and tranquility of the desert. Besides spending breaks in a group of Bedouin tents. To enjoy a traditional evening that is unparalleled in everything. from barbecue and drinking traditional Bedouin tea by candlelight. To various entertaining shows, including the famous Bedouin dances.



4-Coloured Canyon

You can take a safari in the valley from Sharm El-Sheikh through a guided tour or an off-road vehicle. Coloured Canyon consists of rocks of many different colors. That form through oxidation giving the unique landscape its name. You can stroll through the valley. and enjoy this natural wonder accompanied by beautiful landscapes.

5- Naama Bay

One of the most famous tourist attractions in Sharm El Sheikh. As it includes the most beautiful and important luxury hotels and resorts with full services. Also the picturesque nature beaches of soft white sand. Clear water and a wonderful rocky view. In the evening, you can enjoy a quiet evening on the beachfront. that gives yourself an atmosphere of recreation. That every tourist is looking for during his trip. Or go for a roaming experience on the famous walkway between thousands of shops. and buy whatever souvenirs you want. Of various goods and gifts from Naama Shopping Center. and other The various entertainment activities it provides for you.




6- Saint Catherine’s Monastery and Mount Moses

located 250 km outside the city at the foot of Mount Sinai, is one of the most ancient historical places of worship. Was built by the Byzantine Emperor Justinianus in the sixth century.  It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2002.The monastery belongs to Saint Catherine. and the monastery is one of the oldest monasteries in the world.  The monuments displayed in the monastery are still one of the most famous religious symbolic groups. Beside It includes many wonderful contents. Around the monastery is Mount Moses. Also known as Mount Sinai. located at an altitude of 2285 meters. and it is known about this mountain that the Prophet of God Moses received 10 commandments from God . Also contains two main roads that were established in the sixth century. And are taken by pilgrims as steps For repentance.



7- Sharm el-Sheikh markets

Genena Mall is one of the largest shopping centers and the best places in Sharm El Sheikh. For an atmosphere of entertainment and fun. has an open building that includes a ballroom in the distinctive Roman architectural style. in addition to a special corner for children’s games. Distinct and varied restaurants and cafes. through which you can shop the best local and international brands.

Also Old Market, which is one of the most famous places. which is witnessing a great presence by tourists. In old market, you can buy souvenirs and traditional and popular handicraft products. That the governorate is famous for. from traditional costume, wonderful smells and tastes, lamps for lighting, handcrafted wooden crafts. which are sold in Traditional shops in the form, at low prices compared to other regions. old market is one of the best places in Sharm El Sheikh for night visits.

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