The experience of the Sinai Mountains is like no other. Saint Catherine is a jewel located between the giant granite rocks of the South Sinai Peninsula at the edge of the El Tur Mountains; and at the foot of the High Sinai Mountains. Mount Catherine is the highest mountain in Egypt and exposes wide-stretching views across the mountains and the Red Sea.

The region of Saint Catherine is a UNESCO World Heritage Area for its natural and cultural importance; and in fact, you could spend weeks exploring it. There are over 200 religious places and other important monasteries and churches, ruins of Byzantine monastic settlements, the highest mountains in Egypt with spectacular views, amazing rock formations, and landscape.

There, you will witness magnificent mountain scenery of changing shapes and shades. The place considered holy and contains rich historical and religious heritage. There are many popular places of interest in the area, but the main tourist attractions are Saint Catherine’s Monastery and Mount Sinai.

Saint Catherine’s Monastery







While spending your vacation, you need to specialize a day to visit the top historical destination in the Sinai Peninsula which is St. Catherine’s Monastery that is located at the foot of Mount Sinai. It was built by the order of the Byzantine Emperor Justinian I in 548–565 AD; in order to house the monks that have been living in the Sinai Peninsula since the 4th century.

Walking through the pathways of the holy monastery is certainly an elevating experience. One of the most stunning elements of the architecture is 1,400 years old wooden door at the entrance to the church. The monastery has also an impressive important religious library, containing a great number of very rare and old manuscripts.

Also, you will find in this Greek Orthodox hermitage, the famous “burning bush” of the Old Testament; in addition to having the chance to visit a museum that contains some of the monastery’s astonishing collection of the most notable religious icons & ancient manuscripts that is revered as one of the finest in the world. From spiritual art treasures through plants and trees to architecture; the place is a wonderful paradise to contemplate the history of humankind within religious believes.

Mount Sinai (Jabal Mousa)

Jabal Mousa is the site where Moses received the Ten Commandments, after having spent 40 days and 40 nights in the mountains. Jabal Mousa is an important holy site by the Abrahamic religions as mentioned in various times in holy books like the bible and the Quran. The best thing to do while being there is to hike up the summit of the mountain; so that you witness the expanse of orange-hued peaks rippling out before you. A climb up the mountain and witnessing the holy miracle is a blessed chance that needs to happen through a day tour.

If you are longing for a reunion with the beauty of nature and a touch of culturing; Saint Catherine is one of the world’s most unique locations to visit.

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