Montazah Palace A Rare Architectural Masterpiece

Montazah Palace locates on a low plateau overlooking the shore of the Mediterranean, the Montazah Palace.Which is one of the immortal architectural masterpieces of Egyptian architecture. is located in Alexandria. This magnificent city with its beautiful beaches and a refreshing atmosphere. that was a summer house for the wealthy families and royal family in Egypt. The palace overlooks Montazah Bay. and is designed in Italian style. and it has many wonderful gardens, trees, and flowers. Your visit to Alexandria will not complete unless you visit the Montazah Palace and its picturesque gardens. Which are one of the symbols of rare beauty in the world.

Montazah Palace History

One night in the summer of 1892. Khedive Abbas Helmy II walking in the Montazah neighborhood of Alexandria,  and he was impressed by its beauty. From that day on, he settled in his mind that this spot would be his summer house. And that he would create an elegant palace there.

In front of the site of the cannons built by Muhammad Ali Pasha. to protect Alexandria and the northern coast, which are still present today. Khedive Abbas Hilmi II built the first palace in the park. the Salamlek Palace. The palace was intended to be a hunting inn where the Khedive’s comrades and guests could live. The Khedive also expanded its summer resort to include a second palace, the Harmalak. The splendor of the palace lies in its unique location on the Alexandria beach. Where it was built on a high plateau. surrounded by gardens and forests on an area of ​​370 acres. and the gardens include basins for flowers, plants, trees, playgrounds and a garden For children. A summer theater and a center for marine mathematics.


Until King Farouk seated on the throne of Egypt. Montazah Palace remained the summer house of the royal family. Also, there are two other palaces like it in rare style and architecture. The first of which is the “Harmalak” Palace. Which used to house the king’s harem and the women of the entourage of the royal family. In which the first floor turned into an international casino. And the second and third floors into a luxury hotel. The palace garden includes dense forests overlooking the Mediterranean coast. As for the “Salamlek” palace, it turned into a luxury tourist hotel.


Montazah Landmarks

You can see Other monuments in the palace. Include the famous clock tower and a tea stall built in Roman style overlooking the Mediterranean shore. Besides Princess Cinema next to the King’s Palace. Which is a walled singing garden with a large wall equipped. To view world cinema movies to entertain the princesses.

Montazah Royal Gardens

is a group of gardens rich in trees and flowers and an area of ​​370 acres upper. There are 5 beaches for swimming two of them private beaches.

These gardens established more than a hundred years ago. Where Khedive Abbas Helmy II ordered to built them. Within the Montazah Gardens, there are tourist establishments. Established after the Egyptian revolution. To serve the pioneers of public parks, including restaurants. an integrated tourist center and playgrounds.


There are all kinds of fun in the gardens . One of the great options is to ride the boat and see the gardens from the water. Other great marine activities are water skiing, diving, snorkeling. Or even relaxing. The park is open seven days a week from 8 am to 12 midnight.

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