Dahab,Charming Paradise Of Sinai

Dahab , is one of the most famous and best places of tourism in Egypt. It is the second most famous city after Sharm El Sheikh. distinguished by its golden beaches, yellow sands, clear waters, and wonderful coral reefs. and the natural diving sites that are famous for which made it a wonderful tourist attraction for all lovers. And diving professionals from all over the world. Where diving competitions are held for that. It is named Dahab, because its yellow sand, which resembles the color of gold. It is the source of exceptional places that one must visit . To have an unforgettable experience among the folds of that city. That shines among its peers as if it had a share and abundant fortune from its name like its golden sands.

Tourist places in Dahab:

Nabq Nature Reserve

A wonderful place located between Sharm El Sheikh and Dahab. located on Gulf of Aqaba, with an area of ​​about 600 km2. Part of it is in the land and is estimated at 440 square kilometers and the rest is about 130 square kilometers in the water range. And it was officially declared a nature reserve in 1992. Its valleys have natural plants such as mangroves. While the coastal environment includes many coral reefs, shellfish, invertebrates and colorful fish. While the desert includes Many animals. Such as camels, foxes, rodents and birds such as eagles and heron. Which is an attractive area for tourists from diving and safari enthusiasts. Watching birds and wild animals.

Blue Hole

It is a deep hole in the Red Sea with a depth of 130 meters. With a shallow hole 6 meters wide and an opening to exit from the hole to the open sea called the arc . In the form of a long tunnel with a length of 26 meters. this area attracts divers, as the view of the arch that connects the open sea to the blue hole also attracts them. because it contains , charming and wondrous views . The blue hole is one of the most attractive places for tourists. Especially those who enjoy the spirit of adventure and diving is a top priority and with its enjoyment of beautiful scenery. The attraction is that it is not without risks. As it contains many deadly caves that deceive divers as being less deep than the truth.

Lagona Island

Laguna Island is one of the most attractive beaches in Dahab. It is the only sandy beach in the city . And represents a terrible attraction for divers . Because the water in this area contains precious treasures and the presence of many attractive colorful fish and coral reefs. And the island also providing many diving training centers. To make it easier for tourists Snorkeling is safe . And there are many restaurants and hotels. That offer everything tourists need during their stay on the island.

 Eel Garden

It is located in the north of the city of Dahab. And has special features that distinguish it from the rest of the areas in Dahab. Many tourists describe it as a wonderful painting that cannot be replicated. Also it contains very large numbers of rare fish that are in the form of strange clusters. At the same time, they gather and disperse at a dreadful speed. and these fish are wrapped around divers in an unprecedented view. There are also many wonderful coral reefs. That have been formed over hundreds or even thousands of years. Forming reefs with their beautiful colors and current shapes.

Masbat Area

This is the main commercial area in the city of Dahab. And the area contains many shops and bazaars for the acquisition of tourists. Including the most beautiful gifts. such as Pharaonic statues, antiques, Bedouin clothing and papyri. and there are also many restaurants and cafeterias in the area. That offer the most beautiful Egyptian delicious meals. and there are also camps, hotels and places to teach diving .

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