Top 10 Snorkeling Places In Hurghada

Hurghada is an ideal destination for a quiet and relaxing break.It has features rich blue sea coasts filled with coral reef barriers. Amazing beaches, and luxurious palm trees. As a result, Hurghada has become a favorite for divers who are eager to explore many snorkeling  sites.
If you wanted to try Snorkeling. Hurghada is an ideal place to start. there are many snorkeling places, in Hurghada . But all are similar in that they contain coral reefs and fish of various colors and shapes. while you are in the depths of the sea,take a memorial photo of you among the coral reefs and beautiful fishes to make a memory with you throughout your life. know the best places to Snorkeling and dive in Hurghada.

Giftun Island

One of the most famous natural islands in Hurghada, where it is a natural reserve that includes rare and endangered marine and wild creatures such as seagulls and reptiles. it is one of the natural reserves that visitors are allowed to descend on its land and enjoy its picturesque landmarks that vary between the waters of the Red Sea and the picturesque scenery surrounding it from trees And birds.

So the island holds cruises on a daily basis because it is one of the important tourist attractions, and you can spend a whole day in it and enjoy the beautiful activities, it is one of the beautiful quiet places.

Dolphin House

This region is located in the city of El-Gouna . which belongs to the city of Hurghada. It contains more than 200 dolphins, in addition to coral reefs that are found in the depths of its sea.
Dolphins have chosen this region because it is one of the places protected from hunting, and the winds are few and help the dolphins to coexist with that climate.

Carlos Reef

The area includes a lot of diving and swimming areas full of coral and many fish, such as hammer fish, tuna, and you are expected to see giant moray eels, as well as white-edged sharks.

Juzur Abu Minqar

It includes coral reefs and fish that make it an attractive area for swimmers and divers to learn about marine life in it, especially since the island’s waters are characterized by a low level.That makes it suitable for beginners and professionals, also its depth reaches about 2 meters, and its soft sand is characterized by its ability to treat skin diseases And bone diseases, which increases its tourist position because it is a natural healing area.

Jazirat Abu Rimathi

It is one of the most common diving places in Hurghada, because it contains coral reefs and colorful fish. It an attractive diving sites for many visitors, and one of the suitable places for diving, whether for beginners or professionals, and the island is distinguished by its location near the city of Hurghada, where it is far From the city center an hour’s drive.

Magawish Island

It is one of the largest islands in the city. It includes coral reefs and rare fish that live in the depths of its sea, and is a suitable place for swimming, diving and surfing, and it is located within walking of the suitable tourist villages , which includes chalets, villas and hotel rooms at the highest level.

Shadwan Island

One of the most beautiful Red Sea islands. The island extends over an area of ​​about 70 square kilometers, with a depth of 16 km. The island includes natural features that make it an area for diving. But it is not suitable for diving in all its areas because there are some rocky places in it.

Al Fanadir

The island is located north of Hurghada, and it is one of the diving sites. In addition to the marine creatures that live in them, such as fish of exquisite colors.

Turtle Bay

It is located off the northern end of Giftun Island. It was named after this because of the presence of water turtles in it. You can see it among the reefs .

Sha`b Abu Nuhas 

It is  one of the exciting diving places. You can see the wreckage of sunken ships,The most famous of which is the American “Carnatic” ship that sank since 1869 which became one of the citizens of the coral reefs in the Red Sea. Unlike the “Guinness” ship that sank since 1983 because of The density of coral reefs.

As well as the ship “Kimon” that sank since 1978. The ship “Olden” that sank in 1987. The strange thing is that all of these sunken ships were loaded with copper. which made This area is known as Abu Nuhas.

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