best places to visit in Aswan

The best Places to Visit in Aswan including Abu Simbel and Nubian Museum

today, we will tell you about the best places to visit in Aswan as briefly as possible to help you have the best experience in Aswan.

Aswan for a long time has been hidden but now it starts to be remarked as one of the best places in Egypt besides Luxor.

Due to its fresh air, amazing landscape and also rare and beautiful ancient monument and reliefs.

Island tours :

The Nile River of Aswan contains a lot of different islands, every one of them is special and waiting to be explored.

It’s very near to the mainland, you can go there easily by local ferries or felucca (traditional sailboat),

but travelers and tourists gain a unique experience on these islands

The islands we are going to talk about are the Elephantine Island and Kitchener island

1- Elephantine island:

This island has more than colorful mud-brick houses, palm-trees and sandy houses.

This island is home for Aswan’s famous attractions as Aswan museum, the temple of Satet, Old kingdom temple of Khnum.

because of the monuments and buildings, it’s a prominent destination of any tour in Aswan.

This island is famous for the Nilometer which the ancient Egyptian use to Measure the rise or fall of the Nile and also predict the floods.

2-Kitchener island :

Take a boat ride to the island so you can visit Aswan botanical gardens and the famous temple of the Nobles.

Thanks to Lord Kitchener, the original owner of the island, the island becomes a great garden.

that contains different types of trees and plants from Africa and Asia.

Walking in this vast garden is a very enjoyable and beautiful thing you can do in Aswan especially if you are a nature lover.

Museum in Aswan :

If you are interested in Egyptian history as half of the people in the world.

you better visit Aswan and check out these wonderful museums that display a great collection of ancient documents and artifacts

1- Aga Khan Mausoleum:

Discover the Hidden Attractions in Aswan | Places to Visit in Aswan

It is located over the Nile bank, this museum is dedicated to sir Sultan Muhammed Shah.

he was the leader of the Shi’a Islam, Nizari Ismailia sect, he played a huge in affluential role in India partition.

This mausoleum contains his tombs and tells his life story

About his contribution and all the extensive and big charity, he did in Africa and Asia.

2-Nubian museum:

It’s considered one of the best places in Aswan, it has documents explaining the troubles and plight of people who were relocated to build Nasser lake and Aswan dam.

It also has pictures of ancient monuments, that have been lost under the water of Nasser lake during the dam construction.

The museum also contains artifacts of the Kush kingdom and ancient statues of Ramses||, the head of the Shpatka, Amenras, and the granite blank head of Tahraqa


It’s a small museum, dedicated to showcasing the tradition plants, animals and Nubia history.

It has a collection of stuffed animals that are endemic to Nubia , photographs of Nasser lake before the flood.

it also contains samples of sedimentary rocks and there are Nubian crafts are can buy from here, too

Aswan temples:

The temples of Aswan are beautiful for the eye and the soul. Don’t miss the chance  to visit these temples, the first temple we are going to talk about is :

1- Abu Simbel Temple :

If you still have some time to spend in Aswan, check out Abu Simbel , it’s one of the best places to visit in Aswan.

This temple was built by Ramses||, and you will be amazed by the ancient Egyptian engineering

2-Monastery of St.Simeon:


This monastery belongs to the 7th century and well preserved and located on the west bank of the Nile

Take the time to see the Bizarre aisled Basilica and the fresco with Christ enthroned between angels

3-Philae temple:

It’s located on an island on the Nile, this peaceful and beautiful sanctum is adorned with inscriptions.

Its beautifully lit hieroglyphics and stone windows.

You’ll be fascinated by the perfect symmetry of Isis temple as it reflects on the river water, as you sail towards the island

Take this opportunity to attend the light and sound show here as this is one of the best things you can do in Aswan

4- Kalabsha temple:

This temple belongs to Roman Emperor Augustus’s time.

Kalabsha temple was saved by UNESCO from destruction during the dam’s construction

Now it’s one of the most monuments in Nubia. The historical reliefs describe scenes from Ramses||’s time

This temple is considered the youngest temple in Aswan

The Unfinished Obelisk:

It’s location is just a few minutes away from the Nubian Museum and Aswan’s downtown area.

the unfinished obelisk is a strange and skillful monument of Aswan’s heritage.

This is the largest standing stone in Egypt, it has no cracks during its construction, and it weighs about 1,168 tons

This unfinished Obelisk tells you a lot about the effort and time consumed in building

all of these wonderful  and great ancient Egypt and the amazing skills that these masons had

Here, you can see all of these efforts and skills reflected and obvious in all the faces of the Obelisk

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