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Sahl Hasheesh A Pearl Of Red Sea

Sahl Hasheesh resort, the newest tourist destination in Egypt. And new destination Adventure lovers and diving. To explore the beauty and splendor of the Red Sea.
Sahl Hasheesh resort stretches 12.5 km of sandy beaches on the longest bays of the Red Sea. It is located between Safaga and Hurghada. Includes a group of the most luxurious international hotels. that offer complete privacy and a relaxing atmosphere, as all hotels overlook the sea coast.
It also has two 18-hole golf courses, a marina, and its yacht club. In addition to an underwater pharaonic city, it is the first of its kind for diving lovers. Camel and horse stables are also available to take you on a desert trip.


What Distinguishes Sahl Hasheesh?

It is characterized by the purity and clarity of the atmosphere and the picturesque nature. and the possibility of staying at any time of the year. its climate is warm and the most important advantage is the ease of moving from and to it. it is 20 minutes from Hurghada International Airport. which has direct flights from all parts of Europe.


Amazing Place For Your Vacation

You can choose between many five-star and seven-star luxury hotels. Relax in one of the health clubs that fill the Sahl Hasheesh resort. which is considered the most luxurious in the Red Sea. which offers treatments, massages, fitness classes, yoga exercises, and saunas.
It is also a great place for a family holiday. as all family members will find recreational activities that please their desires and tastes. there are many events and parties. that make you reach the top of pleasure. and spend a special vacation at any time of the year.


Enjoy Diving In Sahl Hasheesh

It is one of the most beautiful diving areas in the Red Sea. where coral reefs are only about one kilometer away. And you can reach them after a boat trip that takes 5 to 10 minutes. These reefs make diving fun an unparalleled pleasure. Diving lovers can enjoy freedom and safety.
The beaches of Sahl Hasheesh are suitable for beginners. Who want to learn surface diving or deep diving. There are many diving centers that include world-class experts. And provide the visitor of Sahl Hasheesh an unforgettable experience.


Shopping Centers

As for shopping, the resort hosts several world-class shopping malls. including “Senzo” shopping center is a 10-minute walk from Sahl Hasheesh in Hurghada. and provides you with all the needs of shopping, home supplies, and clothing. As well as there are markets inside Sahl Hasheesh. Including Andalus Market and Palm Market.


10 Fun Things To Do In Hurghada

Hurghada is Egypt‘s oldest and most famous resort and It is the perfect holiday destination. It is located at the coast of the Red Sea this is a prime winter-escape destination. With yearlong sunshine and incredible beaches to explore
All in all, there are enough things to do in Hurghada. Ranging from fun stuff for kids to delightful activities for adults.
So, here’s a comprehensive list of all fun things to do in Hurghada.



1. Dive in the Giftun Islands

one of Hurghada’s most popular boat excursions, with prime swaths of white sand. Also, there are plenty of snorkeling and scuba diving activities. So you can explore and experience the exquisiteness of the Red Sea and spot plenty of fish life through the clear water. But, for those wanting to stay away from the water. There are palm shelters where you can sit back, relax and enjoy the pleasant views.


2-Explore an underwater world in a Sindbad submarine

if you aren’t a fan of diving or snorkeling, you can take a ride on Sindbad submarine that takes you to a depth of 22 meters and lets watching all kinds of marine life on the Red Sea’s beautiful coral reefs, colorful fish.

3-Enjoy Parasailing Adventure

Make your vacation even more exceptional with parasailing in Hurghada. Witness the stunning and scenic views of the Red Sea at bird’s eye level with this parasailing adventure.
Parasailing is one of the most exciting activities in Hurghada. where the parachute is attached to the speedboat and enables you to listen to see the beaches of Hurghada. its clear skies and coral reef areas while you are flying in the air.


A parachute trip in Hurghada is one of the most beautiful trips in with an exciting and wonderful experience. Where flying over the waves of the Red Sea and seeing the sea view from above.


4-Go on a Desert Safari to the Hurghada Desert

With the city being famous for its beaches and water activities, it is easy to forget the beautiful deserts.
Go on an adventurous ride through the desert as you journey in jeeps, quads, buggies, horses and even camels.
There is no better way to experience and explore the desert than going on a desert safari through the Hurghada Desert. Experience a thrilling ride through the sand dunes to a Bedouin village, where you can enjoy black tea and a ride on a camel, discover their culture. Enjoy the Hurghada desert at sunset. Explore beautiful cliffs spots and admire views of the sea and mountains at sunset.


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5- Have some family fun is at one of the big water parks.

You can spend quality time alone or with your family in one of the water parks in Hurghada. The Jungle Aqua Park is the largest water theme park in Hurghada. It includes more than 35 water games inside, besides 21 outdoor pools, and 11 swimming pools in the water games area. It also gives you the ability to compete with your friends through its large slides. Where the water slides sometimes reach a height of more than 65 feet by about 230 feet.



Makadi Water World, you can choose between 50 water attractions, swimming pools, a children’s park, recreation areas and much more, including a19m free-fall slide. There is plenty to do for both kids and adults.



6-Enjoy sunlight at the Abu Tig Marina in El Gouna

Regarded by many as one of the best places to visit if you want to enjoy the sea view while taking in some sunlight.
Take a stroll around this relaxing place and enjoy the soothing atmosphere of the Abu Tig Marina in El Gouna, about 30mins north of Hurghada city. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants around so you can settle in to eat once you’ve had your fill of strolling through this spectacular place.

7- Shopping at the Senzo Mall

Looking to go shopping? Head for the largest shopping complex of its kind in the Red Sea Riviera and browse the extensive variety of fashion and homeware stores. There are an indoor food court and an amusement park as well, ensuring your children don’t feel left out.



8-snorkeling at Mahmya Island

The beach of Mahmya should be at the top of your list of things to do in Hurghada.
Located at the Southern tip of the glorious Giftun Islands, the beach can be reached by booking a short boat trip.

Snorkeling in this area is a must, as the underwater life is bright, colorful and active and it is less crowded than in other snorkel spots. Plenty of marine life awaits in the many reefs below the water’s surface. Dozens of tropical fish and a variety of coral types can be seen off the island’s beach.

You might even spot a pod of dolphins on your boat ride so keep your cameras ready. Soak in the Egyptian sun on a white-sand beach and cool off with a dip in the calm, turquoise waters.



9-Enjoy Dive at the Omo Gamaar

One of the best diving locations with plenty of marine life, the Omo Gamaar is a must-visit for novice and expert divers alike. You can go scuba diving or snorkeling and enjoy the sights of the corals and the gorgeous sea creatures. If you want to experience the underwater life at the Red Sea, then this is one of the best diving spots.

10-Visit Abdel Moneim Riyad Mosque

If you’re an architecture lover, there’s plenty of stunning buildings in Hurghada, especially mosques.
Abdulmoneim Riadh Mosque Also called the Big Mosque. The architectural marvel that stands tall offers tourists the opportunity to connect with the culture and daily life of Hurghada. Tourists visit the mosque to see The intricate design of the mosque’s classic Islamic architecture. The minarets can be seen from long distances, and the call to prayer can be heard resonating from within its walls.



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Medinet Habu The Holy Triad of Thebes

Medinet Habu is located on the west bank of Luxor. is the second-largest ancient temple that was discovered in Egypt. The greatness of the ancient Pharaonic architecture. The charm of human civilization in one of the most beautiful monuments, found in habu.


The city includes many distinct pharaonic monuments. The most important the Temple of Ramses III, known in the Pharaonic civilization as, “the palace of millions of years for the king of Upper and Lower Egypt.

Medinet Habu Name

some say that the name Habu came from the Christian priest, who has lived in this region for some years.

And the other team believes that the reason for the designation of Habu is due to Amenhotep, son of Habu, Minister of Amenhotep the Third.

There is also a third-team. indicating that the name came from the ancient Egyptian word Hippo, which denotes the holy ibis.

Habu is one of the most beautiful places on the western mainland that you must visit when you come to Egypt.

Historical Position

The ancient Egyptians, as well as contemporary local farmers, considered the Temple of Medinat Habu

to have magical powers. They believed that he was protecting them from mistakes, and he was the site of

many annual festivals. It also was the scene of great festivals on major holidays.

The Mortuary Temple Of Ramesses III

Also-called Temple of Medinet Habu is one of the most important monuments in the city.

Ramses III order to built it to be a special temple for funerary religious rituals. And worship of the god Amun.

The walls of the temple are filled with many drawings that tell the stories of the wars of King Ramses III.

stories about The military campaigns out of Egypt and the enemies he defeated.

The temple consists of a great entrance surrounded by two towers, on these towers, there are reliefs,

pictures of Ramses III. The upper layers of these two towers were dedicated to the royal women.

Great Hypostyle hall

The great hypostyle hall of the temple was roofed and supported by 24 columns in four-row of six with

The double row of central columns thicker than others.

The wall reliefs show Ramses in the presence of the various deities. In addition to each side of the hall is

a series of chambers that were used to store valuable jewels. musical instruments, costly vessels, and

precious metals including gold.







Also, there are smaller Hypostyle halls each supported by eight columns leading to a boat shrine.

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Montazah Palace A Rare Architectural Masterpiece

Montazah Palace locates on a low plateau overlooking the shore of the Mediterranean, the Montazah Palace.Which is one of the immortal architectural masterpieces of Egyptian architecture. is located in Alexandria. This magnificent city with its beautiful beaches and a refreshing atmosphere. that was a summer house for the wealthy families and royal family in Egypt. The palace overlooks Montazah Bay. and is designed in Italian style. and it has many wonderful gardens, trees, and flowers. Your visit to Alexandria will not complete unless you visit the Montazah Palace and its picturesque gardens. Which are one of the symbols of rare beauty in the world.

Montazah Palace History

One night in the summer of 1892. Khedive Abbas Helmy II walking in the Montazah neighborhood of Alexandria,  and he was impressed by its beauty. From that day on, he settled in his mind that this spot would be his summer house. And that he would create an elegant palace there.

In front of the site of the cannons built by Muhammad Ali Pasha. to protect Alexandria and the northern coast, which are still present today. Khedive Abbas Hilmi II built the first palace in the park. the Salamlek Palace. The palace was intended to be a hunting inn where the Khedive’s comrades and guests could live. The Khedive also expanded its summer resort to include a second palace, the Harmalak. The splendor of the palace lies in its unique location on the Alexandria beach. Where it was built on a high plateau. surrounded by gardens and forests on an area of ​​370 acres. and the gardens include basins for flowers, plants, trees, playgrounds and a garden For children. A summer theater and a center for marine mathematics.


Until King Farouk seated on the throne of Egypt. Montazah Palace remained the summer house of the royal family. Also, there are two other palaces like it in rare style and architecture. The first of which is the “Harmalak” Palace. Which used to house the king’s harem and the women of the entourage of the royal family. In which the first floor turned into an international casino. And the second and third floors into a luxury hotel. The palace garden includes dense forests overlooking the Mediterranean coast. As for the “Salamlek” palace, it turned into a luxury tourist hotel.


Montazah Landmarks

You can see Other monuments in the palace. Include the famous clock tower and a tea stall built in Roman style overlooking the Mediterranean shore. Besides Princess Cinema next to the King’s Palace. Which is a walled singing garden with a large wall equipped. To view world cinema movies to entertain the princesses.

Montazah Royal Gardens

is a group of gardens rich in trees and flowers and an area of ​​370 acres upper. There are 5 beaches for swimming two of them private beaches.

These gardens established more than a hundred years ago. Where Khedive Abbas Helmy II ordered to built them. Within the Montazah Gardens, there are tourist establishments. Established after the Egyptian revolution. To serve the pioneers of public parks, including restaurants. an integrated tourist center and playgrounds.


There are all kinds of fun in the gardens . One of the great options is to ride the boat and see the gardens from the water. Other great marine activities are water skiing, diving, snorkeling. Or even relaxing. The park is open seven days a week from 8 am to 12 midnight.

Pyramids Of Giza Miracle Of Eternal Egypt

Giza pyramids, One of the most mysterious wonders of the world in the world. Tourists flock to Egypt every year, only to be able to see them. Visiting those pyramids is an experience that many people want to take, It is an unforgettable visit.

In the end, it is the only remaining element of the ancient Seven Wonders of the World. Like the saying, “one fears time, and time fears the pyramids.” To this day, scientists and researchers are still confused about the way the pyramids were built.

Royal Tombs

Giza pyramids are located on the Giza Plateau on the west bank of the Nile. Because this is where the sunsets every evening, symbolizing the world of the dead. Pyramids built more than 4000 years ago, between 2480 and 2550 BC. It includes three pyramids, Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure.

The pyramids are royal tombs. Each bearing the name of the king who built it and was buried in it,  and the hierarchical construction here is a stage in the development of the tomb architecture in ancient Egypt. Constructed the pyramid of Khufu in Giza on an area of ​​13 acres, followed by the pyramid of Khafre and Menkaure.


Khufu’s pyramid

The pyramid of Khufu is the largest pyramid among the pyramids of Giza and the greatest building of the earth. It contains three burial chambers. It took almost 23 years to build.

What distinguishes it from other pyramids is that it is the only one that has concave faces on its four sides. If you look at it from the ground, it is impossible to notice that. But you can see it from the air, if the lighting conditions are correct, and at certain times of the day.


Khafre’s Pyramid

The Pyramid of Khafra is the middle pyramid t, built by King Khafra, the fourth king of the Fourth Dynasty, the son of King Khufu. Within his hierarchical group, they found statues in the private valley temple. Which is now in the Egyptian Museum.

Menkaure’s pyramid

It is the smallest of the three pyramids in Giza. Built from limestone. Also at the end of it is a vestibule lined with stone, leading to a horizontal corridor, after which the burial chamber is located.

Also, they found a wooden sarcophagus bearing the name of Menkaure with its mummy. South of the Pyramid, three pyramids are dedicated to queens.



On the high plateau in front of the three pyramids, the Sphinx stands guard for it. Which is a statue of a lion’s body and a human head and is one of the largest sculptures in the world. Reaching a length of about 240 feet (73 meters) and a height of 66 feet (20 meters).

The pyramids, with their size, can amaze those who see them. As for the Sphinx, it is the statue that makes you feel intimidated by the place. As if he is telling you that you are now in the presence of the kings. And he is the guard of this world. Its greatness is magnificent in its sculptures and its solidity with time.


In conclusion, visit the Pyramids of Giza. Enjoy the opportunity to explore more about one of the most famous civilizations in the history of mankind. You can spend a whole day visiting and you can take the most beautiful memorial pictures there.

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Al-Muizz Street Thousand Year Of History

Al-Muizz street  An archaeological museum the size of a street. That tells the history of a nation a thousand years of power and weakness. Control and occupation Thus, a street of Al Moez Ldin Allah Al Fatmi can be described. That street that the public was not allowed to enter, except with a special permit, and leave before sunset The sun.
Its establishment in 969 AD, the same history of Fatimid Cairo. Bordered by Bab ELnasr and Bab al-Futuh in the north, Bab al-Wazir in the south. Al Darasa Street and the remains of the walls of Cairo in the east, and Port Said Street in the west.
Al-Muizz street is the backbone of the city of Cairo since its start. It also includes a group of the most beautiful Islamic monuments in the world. So that made the street is unique with a special beauty and rare decoration, and it varies between mosques, schools, cemeteries, and many palaces.
This made it an open museum of Islamic architecture and monuments.
Origin of the designation of, Al Moez to this name in relation to the Fatimid Caliph Al Moez Ldin Allah Al Fatmi. Al-Muizz street is known by several other names, The most important of which is “Al-Azam” Street, “Cairo” Street, and “Al-Kasaba Street”.

Importance of Al-Muizz street 

This street has great historical significance, as it is the oldest street with an Islamic architectural character in the world. From it, EL Moez Ldin Allah Al Fatmi passed in his convoy for the first time.
A closer look at Al-Moez Street will make us realize the historical significance of that street. Including the ruins that to all the ages that passed through that capital for a thousand years.

Most important monuments in Al-Muizz Street 

Al-Aqmar Mosque: It is the smallest mosque in Cairo. It is an architectural masterpiece, and it is the only mosque whose level falls below the surface of the earth. and is characterized by the Kufic inscription on marble columns.
Sultan Qalawun Complex: It is considered an architectural masterpiece and the greatest Mamluk establishment. This complex consists of a mausoleum, a school, and a hospital.
It is the beginning of the emergence of a new architectural style.Which is known as “architectural complexes”, which includes more than one architectural unit of various purposes.
 Bab al-Futuh: It is one of the gates of the walls of Cairo.  Built-in 1087 AD to control the entrances to Cairo.
Bab Zuweila: It is one of the gates of the walls of Cairo. The Fatimid leader Badr al-Din al-Jamali Established it in 1092 CE.
Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah Mosque: Its construction began in the year 989 AD during the reign of Al-Aziz Bellah Al-Fatimiyyah. and after he passed away the building was completed by his ruling son by order of Allah in the year 1013AD.
When you visit these places you will feel the fragrant history, and will Back in time a thousand years

Restaurants near Al Moez Street

Naguib Mahfouz cafe: This restaurant is located about 2 km from Al Moez Street. so it is the closest outstanding restaurant from this region. as this restaurant will allow you to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner because it offers many foods.
Khan Al Khalili Restaurant: If you are looking for a distinct Fatimid atmosphere. You can visit Khan Al Khalili restaurant. which is has its unique location in the Khan Al Khalili area. also, it is distinguished that it serves breakfast, food, and dinner so that it serves various foods at any time of the day.
Al-Fishawy Coffee: After completing your tour, you can rest enough and drink your cup of tea or coffee in Al-Fishawi coffee.

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Top 10 Snorkeling Places In Hurghada

Hurghada is an ideal destination for a quiet and relaxing break.It has features rich blue sea coasts filled with coral reef barriers. Amazing beaches, and luxurious palm trees. As a result, Hurghada has become a favorite for divers who are eager to explore many snorkeling  sites.
If you wanted to try Snorkeling. Hurghada is an ideal place to start. there are many snorkeling places, in Hurghada . But all are similar in that they contain coral reefs and fish of various colors and shapes. while you are in the depths of the sea,take a memorial photo of you among the coral reefs and beautiful fishes to make a memory with you throughout your life. know the best places to Snorkeling and dive in Hurghada.

Giftun Island

One of the most famous natural islands in Hurghada, where it is a natural reserve that includes rare and endangered marine and wild creatures such as seagulls and reptiles. it is one of the natural reserves that visitors are allowed to descend on its land and enjoy its picturesque landmarks that vary between the waters of the Red Sea and the picturesque scenery surrounding it from trees And birds.

So the island holds cruises on a daily basis because it is one of the important tourist attractions, and you can spend a whole day in it and enjoy the beautiful activities, it is one of the beautiful quiet places.

Dolphin House

This region is located in the city of El-Gouna . which belongs to the city of Hurghada. It contains more than 200 dolphins, in addition to coral reefs that are found in the depths of its sea.
Dolphins have chosen this region because it is one of the places protected from hunting, and the winds are few and help the dolphins to coexist with that climate.

Carlos Reef

The area includes a lot of diving and swimming areas full of coral and many fish, such as hammer fish, tuna, and you are expected to see giant moray eels, as well as white-edged sharks.

Juzur Abu Minqar

It includes coral reefs and fish that make it an attractive area for swimmers and divers to learn about marine life in it, especially since the island’s waters are characterized by a low level.That makes it suitable for beginners and professionals, also its depth reaches about 2 meters, and its soft sand is characterized by its ability to treat skin diseases And bone diseases, which increases its tourist position because it is a natural healing area.

Jazirat Abu Rimathi

It is one of the most common diving places in Hurghada, because it contains coral reefs and colorful fish. It an attractive diving sites for many visitors, and one of the suitable places for diving, whether for beginners or professionals, and the island is distinguished by its location near the city of Hurghada, where it is far From the city center an hour’s drive.

Magawish Island

It is one of the largest islands in the city. It includes coral reefs and rare fish that live in the depths of its sea, and is a suitable place for swimming, diving and surfing, and it is located within walking of the suitable tourist villages , which includes chalets, villas and hotel rooms at the highest level.

Shadwan Island

One of the most beautiful Red Sea islands. The island extends over an area of ​​about 70 square kilometers, with a depth of 16 km. The island includes natural features that make it an area for diving. But it is not suitable for diving in all its areas because there are some rocky places in it.

Al Fanadir

The island is located north of Hurghada, and it is one of the diving sites. In addition to the marine creatures that live in them, such as fish of exquisite colors.

Turtle Bay

It is located off the northern end of Giftun Island. It was named after this because of the presence of water turtles in it. You can see it among the reefs .

Sha`b Abu Nuhas 

It is  one of the exciting diving places. You can see the wreckage of sunken ships,The most famous of which is the American “Carnatic” ship that sank since 1869 which became one of the citizens of the coral reefs in the Red Sea. Unlike the “Guinness” ship that sank since 1983 because of The density of coral reefs.

As well as the ship “Kimon” that sank since 1978. The ship “Olden” that sank in 1987. The strange thing is that all of these sunken ships were loaded with copper. which made This area is known as Abu Nuhas.

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Things You Must Know About Nubian Villages

In the depths of the south in Egypt on the west bank of the Nile, near the city of Aswan. There are Nubian villages, that have amazing unparalleled beauty, and natural environment.

Nubian villages, Characterized by natural geographical borders and historical ones, each of which is a tourist attraction in itself.

Nubians have inhabited these villages, which are famous for their customs, traditions, beliefs, history. and even their way of life and the places in which they live.







In the corridors of the villages, you will only hear the Nubian language, as Nubians have their own unique language which they do not teach to any stranger.

Discover the vibrant culture of Nubia, one of the oldest African civilizations. You must visit a Nubian village when traveling to Egypt.

Among all the attractions in Aswan, this may be the only trip that will attract your heart in every sense.


The origins of Nubians go back to Africa and Sudan when they traveled in ancient times to southern Egypt for cultivation around the Nile.

They were famous for their skills in horse riding and archery with bows and arrows.

The Nubian people are very friendly and charming, and wonderful hospitality will await you in one of the Nubian family homes Nubian culture. The Nubian culture is still alive today.






Nubians are proud of their heritage, they love to show their crafts and sell traditional food, They are still making Nubian jewelry for wearing or selling to tourists.

Nubian women preserve their culture, continue to tell their children about ancient Nubian tales and stories, and teach them traditional Nubian dances and songs.

Nubians are still influenced by ancient Egyptian beliefs. They thought the crocodile body hanging above the door of the house could protect them from the evil eye, so you might find mummified bodies all over the gates of the village.







Elephantine Island

This amazing island is part of the beautiful city of Aswan, it is considered an important tourist attraction. Located just below the first estuary. There were two temples of the great Pharaohs Tuthmosis the Third and Amenhotep the Third.

Unfortunately, Muhammad Ali destroyed them in his attempt to invade Sudan. At the southern end of this island is the Nubian Museum.

Also, the Nubian villages of Siou and Koti are on the island. They are famous for palm groves There you will have an amazing experience of modern life.

And spend an imaginative time drinking tea with them and buying their handmade products.









Ancient Egyptians used to worship crocodiles, it was a prophylactic deity against dangers with repellent characteristics of evil.

For this reason, the Nubians embalmed crocodiles to prevent evil things and adopted them as tradition. There are some places that have crocodiles, you can see them while you are there, do not forget to take some pictures with the crocodiles.






Also, you find people who are draw henna on the body which will be an unconventional experience for you.

you’ll also find some great places to buy souvenirs, cafes and excellent restaurants.






Nubian Kitchen

Colorful villages are not the only thing Nubians are known for. Nubian kitchen is common in all parts of the country.

Also, Nubians have been able to develop their kitchen from the things available in the local environment, The most famous foods are aljakud, alkabed bread and elkrmadid.

So do not miss this trip to discover the magical and wonderful world of Nubia.

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