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what are the best activities to do in Alexandria? and where to go?

Here we are going to tell you about the best activities to do in Alexandria; this amazing and interesting city will take you on a wonderful trip. Alexander the Great constructed Alexandria and Queen Cleopatra lorded over it.

This was considered the Mediterranean’s Brilliant jewel of a city.

As it owns the Great Alexandria Library and the enormous Pharos Lighthouse where was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

Plan your trip with our list of the best Activities to do in Alexandria.

1.Bibliotheca Alexandrina:

Alexandria library

A re-building of Alexandria’s ancient Great Library, this wonderfully designed cultural and educational center contains a number of museums, also it’s one of the best libraries in the world.

It’s wonderful engineering, a giant sun disk, heads over the waterfront Corniche.

while inside, a vast reading room which wide enough to hold eight million volumes.

Under the main library, visitors can discover some of the beautiful exhibitions.

The Manuscript Museum, with its magnificent wonderful collection of the Antiquities in the Museum.

This museum contains Greco-Roman antiquities, ancient scrolls, texts, and sculpture.

some of these sculptures were found meanwhile some of the underwater explorations in the harbor are the two main attractions.

 2.Corniche of alexandria:

Corniche of Alexandria

At the Downtown of Alexandria, it’s a wide waterfront road.

It’s a very nice place for walks and fresh air

3.Alexandria National Museum:

It’s a very stunning experience to visit Alexandria’s National Museum.

If you want to have a better explanation about the enormous and rich history of this famous and beautiful city.

Inside the museum, you will check out some collections date back from the Pharaonic era (in the basement), until the Hellenistic heyday.

When Alexandria built, Egypt was governed by the Ptolemy dynasty started by Alexander the Great (on the ground floor), and until the Islamic times and Byzantine (on the 1st floor).

In addition to the statuary, displays, and antiquities discovered in and around Alexandria.

There are wonderful map drawings that explain how the classical Alexandria city would have looked like.

this map is very useful and helpful to visitors understand the changing process of this city.

The address is: Tariq al-Horreya Street, Alexandria

4.The Fort of Qaitbey:

Walk along shore-front Corniche road heading to the west side of the city and you will see the amazing Fort Qaitbey

It could be a scale down a replacement for what was before the site of the mighty and huge Pharaonic Lighthouse.

It was counted as one of the seven wonders of the ancient world as this fort has been built on Alexandria’s eastern harbor since 1480.

Mamluke Sultan Qaitbey built the Fort of Qaitbey in order to fortify this main Egyptian port from attack.

Inside, you can check out the series of stone-walled chambers and go up to the roof to see over the Mediterranean sea.

Location: Corniche, Eastern Harbour

5.Kom el-Dikka:

They thought to clear the location of Kom el-Dikka  around 1947 in order to clear the location for new housing

But instead, the location known as Kom el-Dikka (“Mound of Rubble”) revealed a complete swag of ancient monuments and ruins, including a Roman theater.

Location:  Yousri Street, Alexandria

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Aswan tourism! Beauty waiting to be explored!

This is the complete guide about Aswan tourism explains a lot about the wonderful Aswan and it’s monuments.

Aswan’s location is below the northern-most cataract on the Nile,  marked the traditional southern frontier of Egypt with rival Nubia.

During ancient times, the Nubians people competed with the Egyptian kings for influence and territory as their power waned and ebbed.

But, Aswan remained the natural boundary between them.

Aswan was not only a political border, but also a natural economic intersection.

The city thrived as a trading center and passage between Egypt and the rest of Africa.

colour powder and spices, street scene at night, market in Aswan, Egypt, Africa


Aswan Location

In this complete guide about Aswan tourism, we will guide you through the amazing destinations in Aswan to help you have the best experience during your trip.

Aswan location is in Egypt’s southern-most, like Cairo, and Luxor, on the shores of the Nile River, at its first cataract.

Its north side lies about 750 miles of the Nile until it reaches the Nile Delta then the Mediterranean Sea.

What distinguishes this beautiful city apart from other touristic destinations in Egypt is that the buildings in Aswan only occupy the East Bank.

there are two islands in the river, with its barren West Bank’s dunes, literally, on the water’s edge.

The West Bank has few touristic destinations, really amazing, structures including the Aga Khan Mausoleum, the Monastery of St Simeon, and the Tombs of the Nobles.

Aswan is located roughly where the Eastern Desert and the Western Desert meet,

just north of the great lake of water created because of the Aswan Dam called Nasser lake.

Colorful Nubian houses

Aswan climate:

Aswan has a beautiful winter climate and is a popular visiting season from November until March with Egyptians as well as international travelers.

The temperature range is around 22-32°C.

Aswan is very attractive and considered the busy market center of the area.

Its old name of Swenet means ‘trade’

Archaeologists can trace Aswan history back until the ancient times

when there are some pieces of evidence that suggest that Aswan was the very first Egyptian community.

Aswan people had relocated from the desert dunes to the fertile Nile banks

Because of searching for a supply of fish, water, and fertile land on which to grow produce.

They were trading their goods and so they gain a big reputation as a trading center.

Highlights in Aswan

As Swenet, the city had the essential role of protecting Egypt at its southernmost boundary from invaders

Shreds of evidence say that Aswan stone quarries had provided the granite rocks known as Syenite,

for most of the stunning temples, obelisks, and columns built by the pharaohs, including the Giza Pyramids.

Today, Aswan is famous for its plenty of palm trees and tropical gardens, located beside one of the largest parts of the Nile River.

Aswan palm trees from the complete guide about Aswan tourism

As such, it has a lot of islands dotted off its shores.

Two of the largest islands are Kitchener’s Island, known for being full of exotic plants, and the much wider Elephantine Island.

Aswan Attractions: Beauty waiting to be explored!

Aswan’s location at the cataract has continued to customize its history even in recent times.

At the end of the 19th century, Aswan grew into a travelers’ destination

because of its warm winter As suitable weather attracting European tourists, who want to escape the cold in their homelands for some time.

Today, Aswan is still one of the must-see tourist destinations in Egypt.

It’s known for beautiful natural sights along the Nile and also the Nubian culture which still a great influence in southern Egypt.

Aswan sunset view from the Nile

According to Cairo’s frenetic pace and the high concentration of tourists in Luxor in its many ancient Egypt monuments, and museums, Aswan offers a more relaxed experience.

Aswan is the smallest of Egypt’s major touristic cities, but it also bears the distinctive mark of the more relaxed Nubian culture.

Tourists, who are interested in the ancient Egypt history cannot pass up Aswan

Because of the wonderful Philae Temple nearby, it’s location is on an island behind the old Aswan Dam.

the famous Abu Simbel Temples is several hours south along the banks of Nasser Lake.

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the complete guide about Luxor tourism

In the complete guide about Luxor tourism, we will tell you all you mean to know to have the best experience here.

Luxor is one of the most important cities in Egypt and most-loved ancient landmarks, Luxor’s other name is the world’s greatest open-air museum.

The modern Luxor city is constructed on and around the ancient city of Thebes, which historians suggest that the area has been inhabited since 3,200 BC.

Luxor is also the home for the Karnak temple complex, which served as the main building of worshiping for the Thebans.

Together, the three places have been attracting visitors since the Greco-Roman times, all of them drawn by the area’s stunning collections of monuments, and ancient temples.

Luxor’s Golden Age era:

The history of Luxor before the modern city and is inseparably woven with the history of Thebes; Waset, as the ancient Egyptians used to call this legendary metropolis.

Thebes reached the height of its influence, and strength between 1,550 – 1,050 BC.

At this period, Luxor was the capital of a newly unified Egypt and became known as the economic center of the country, architecture, and, art associated with the Egyptian god Amun.

The pharaohs who ruled the country in this time spent hube amount of money on temples built to honor Amun (and themselves), and the wonderful monuments for which the city is remarked for until today.

During this time, the country was known as the New Kingdom.

A lot of the ancient Egypt kings and their queens elected to get buried in the necropolis at Thebes.

This place is today as the Valley of the Queens and the Valley of the Kings.

Top Attractions in Luxor

Luxor can be the first location for visitors to Egypt.

Start your tour on the east bank of the River Nile at Luxor in the Luxor Museum, where you can see exhibitions filled with artifacts and monuments from the temples and tombs on the area.

In Luxor museum, you can read the signs written in English, and Arabic introduces stunning colossal statues, Pharaonic art, and intricate jewelry.

In Luxor museum, there is a specific area dedicated to the artifacts of the New Kingdom, you’ll see two royal mummies, one believed to be the remains of Ramesses I.

If you love the mummification process, check out the Mummification Museum as it displays many of carefully preserved animal, and human remains.


The main attraction site in Luxor is: Luxor Temple.

Amenhotep III started the construction of Luxor temple was started by in approximately 1390 BC, with some additions by a series of kings later including Tutankhamun and Ramesses II.

Some of the architectural landmarks include a colonnade of soaring columns have designed with amazing hieroglyphic reliefs; and a gateway guarded by two huge statues of Ramesses II.

Top Attractions in Karnak

In Luxor Northside, the Karnak Temple Complex lies.

In the old times, Karnak temple was known as Ipet-isut, which means the most Selected of Places, and it’s used as the main location of worship for 18th-dynasty Thebans.

The first king to build there was Senusret I during the Middle Kingdom, although most of the buildings that remain date back to the New Kingdom golden age.

Today, the site is a very wide complex of sanctuaries, pylons, kiosks, and obelisks, all of them was dedicated to the Theban Triad.

This was considered the second-largest religious complex in the universe.

The top landmark that should be in your bucket list, is the Great Hypostyle Hall.

The top landmarks in Ancient Thebes.

Visit the West Bank of Luxor, and check out the great necropolis of ancient Thebes.

The tourists visit the Valley of the Kings a lot as it’s considered one of the most stunning landmarks in Luxor.

This is the place where the kings of the New Kingdom chose to be entombed in preparation for the afterlife.

After death, their mummified bodies were buried with everything they wanted to bring with them in the afterlife.

As furniture, clothes, jewelry, food supplies and drink contained within great urns.

In the Valley of the Kings, there are more than 60 tombs, many of them have been robbed of their contents.

The most famous and wonderful tomb is the tomb of Tutankhamun, a minor pharaoh who ruled the country for just nine years.

The south of the Valley of the Kings, there is the Valley of the Queens, where members of the royal family were buried (including both men and women).

Although there are more than 75 tombs in this section of the necropolis, only four are open to the public.

Queen Nefertari tomb is considered the most famous whose walls are decorated with magnificent paintings.

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Karnak temple

the best places to visit in Luxor including Karnak Temple

Luxor is considered an open-air museum as it contains a lot of historical places, here we will guide you through some of the best places to visit in Luxor .

As Karnak temple, the valley of the kings, Luxor temple, Deir al-bahri, Luxor museum, medinet habu, the tombs of the nobles and a lot more…

In this article we will take you in a trip to see some of the best places to visit in Luxor…

1-Karnak temple:

The complex of Karnak temple is one of the most beautiful ancient buildings and one of the biggest
temples also.

As within the temple there are a lot of other temples and building as the temple of khons, the festival temple of tuthmosis|||.

the great temple of Amun and many other buildings also the temple was built by many rulers of Egypt, not by one ruler.

Every one of these rulers did his best in adorning and adding to the temple and creating a masterpiece

until it became the most important temple in Egypt during the new kingdom.

All the monuments in the temple are huge and gigantic scale.

Even if you are on a short visit to Luxor, Don’t miss the chance to visit Karnak temple.

it will take you about three hours to see and understand the entire temple.

You can visit Karnak by walking from downtown beside the Nile side corniche road.

Also, there are a lot of tours that offer to visit the temple with Egyptologist.

Address: maabad al Karnak street, East bank, Luxor

2- Valley of the kings:

Valley of the Kings

The valley of the kings, is hidden between rocky escarpments were the final resting area for the kings from 18 th to 20 th dynasties.

The main and biggest attraction is their amazing and wonderfully vivid wall paintings.

Since the ancient Egyptians believed that the dead men accompanied by the sun god sailed through
the underworld at night in a ship or a boat

So the walls of the tombs were adorned with scenes depicting the voyage and guiding the dead man and giving him instructions on it’s a course.

The valley contains 63 tombs which a roll call of famous names of Egyptian history.

Including the famous young king, Tutankhamun

The tombs of the valley are open on a rotation system to preserve the paintings from humidity as much as possible.

The Ultimate Guide for tourism in Egypt about the Weather and locations

TODAY, We are going to give you  The ultimate Guide for tourism in Egypt  Besides giving birth to one of the most amazing seven wonders of the ancient world, Egypt is considered a land of passion.

Egypt can be visited anytime during the year due to its different geographical climate (however, some months of the year are better than others).

The country provides tourists with lifetime wonderful memories and it’s also considered to be one of the best tourist-friendly countries in Africa and the Middle East.

The conclusion about the tourism in Egypt that there is no right or wrong way or time to travel, mainly because each individual’s travel experience is special and unique.

However, when you learn more about people’s trips experiences, you can make better decision whether a destination is the best for you or not.

With the right information, you will have the chance to plan properly and prepare for a fantastic travel experience.

In this ultimate Guide for tourism in Egypt , I will give you the information that will guide you to make the best of your time in Egypt, let’s begin.

What is the best time to visit Egypt?!

The best time to visit Egypt is a critical question because it depends on personal preferences.

As some people prefer the colder seasons, others would like to travel during the hotter seasons.

Most tourists come to Egypt during springtime. Between March and May, the weather is not as hot and it is quite refreshing.

If you want to enjoy water activities such as swimming and diving, then you need to visit Egypt during April and May.

There is also a chance of having sandstorms (such as the Khamsin wind).

Between June and August, temperatures reach an average of 35 degrees.

The weather gets even hotter because of the intense humidity; so, if you don’t has a problem  to face the fierce heat, then this is the best time for you to visit Egypt.

If you put your plans to visit Egypt for some intense outdoor activities, then you may delay your visit up to the springtime.

However, this is considered a great time to visit; if you want to spend most of time enjoying in the swimming pool and indoors stuff.

Between September and October, the weather is often colder due to the fresh sea breeze that starts in that time.

This period is the best time to visit the beach as it is not crowded at this time.

The winter season in Egypt is the season when tourism rises in Egypt.

During this time, you may see long lines of visitors at ancient sites as Temples and Tombs, and a lot of tourists in the hotels.

The winter has some festivities in Egypt, where celebrations as the Abu Simbel and Coptic Christmas festivals occur.

So, what are the rules during visiting Egypt?

When we talk about safety, then we can say Egypt’s tourist attractions sites are most often safe.

In general, Egypt is a magnificent place with amazing people who are always ready to help you.

However, there are some rules that you need to understand well and follow to have an easygoing experience in Egypt.


Tell me about Cairo!

The ultimate guide for tourism inEgypt

Cairo is a busy big city with millions of people, and this lead sometimes to long lines of traffic.

Because of that, if you are travelling anywhere inside Cairo, then it maybe it’s better to hire a driver or call an Uber.

Another thing that you need to pay attention to is the simple rules that guide the conduct of visitors around historical monuments.

Certain spiritual beliefs in Egypt require the tourists to maintain some level of decorum.

It is essential to understand the laws that control these beliefs and abide by them In terms of cost; Egypt is relatively cheap for people from developed nations.

One of the most expensive stuff that you can do in Egypt is the hot air balloon ride, however it deserves a try especially in Luxor to see the biggest air museum and enjoy the sunshine and the temples from above.

It is also a smart idea to have lots of small coins and bills, so it will be easier to give tips. Another advice to try different Egyptian food types during your visit to Egypt.

Because you are able to choose from a long tasty list of ingredients and dishes but make sure that they are suitable for you.

One dish that is so delicious and stands out in Egypt is Koshary- a traditional dish that is a mix of macaroni, rice, and lentils.



You hear “Egypt” , you can imagine a lot of photos.

Egypt has a special culture, history, and heritage of more than 7000 years.

This results in the different amazing experiences to take in Egypt.

A lot of people also consider Egypt  as a gathering location  of people from all around  the world.

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Temple of Deir Al-Bahri (Queen Hatshepsut’s temple) some of the best places to visit in Luxor

What is the best place to visit in Luxor?

TODAY, we are going to talk about some of the best places to visit in Luxor . . . Luxor temple and Queen Hatshepsut’s Temple are two of the most wonderful and special temples in Egypt.

1- Luxor Temple

This temple was destined to change the face of Egypt during the centuries. The temple first built by Amenophis |||, it was also known as” the southern harem of Amun”

And it was dedicated to Amun, their mut, and the moon god khons.

As all the temples of Egypt, it comprises the chapels od the deities with their vestibules, a large hypostyle hall, subsidiary chambers and an open peristyle court, which was approached from the north side by a great colonnade.

The temple was changed by and added to a parade of kings, as Amenophis |V ( who covered all the reference to the god Amun within the temple and added the sanctuary of the god Aton).

Then Seti | ( who restored the reliefs and references of Amun ) , and Ramses || ( he worked on extending the temple significantly and added a new colonnaded court at the north side.

During the Christian times, the temple is transformed into a church.

But during the Islamic era, the mosque of Abu El-haggag, was built inside the complex temple grounds and dedicated to a revered holy man.

2. Temple of Deir Al-Bahri (Queen Hatshepsut’s temple):

Temple of Deir Al-Bahri (Queen Hatshepsut’s temple)

At the foot of the cheer cliffs, the temple of Deir Al-bahri is incredibly located.

It’s color of the temple is almost white and also light colored due to the amazing rocks it was built with.

The sandstone of Hatshepsut’s temple is standing out against the beautiful golden yellow to light brown rocks behind.

The temple is laid out on three big terraces to rise it from the plain and linked by the ramps, which divide it into a southern and northern half.

A raised colonnade is built along the west side of each terraces.

At the eastern slopes of the hills, the terraces were hewn out.

Also part of the temple itself was hewn from the rocks

In side The complex temple you can see fantastic statues, inscriptions and reliefs.

Check out that Queen Hatshepsut’s represented herself with all the attributes of a male king ( short apron and beard ) to confirm that she possessed all the authority as any other king.

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Luxor Museum

The best places to visit in Luxor

The best places to visit in Luxor include a lot of temples, museums from the ancient Egyptian times, it also contains a lot of building from the Islamic period

Here, we are going to talk about some of the beautiful reliefs and monuments from the ancient Egypt.

1-Luxor Museum:

Luxor museum is one of the best places to visit in Luxor, as it holds a beautiful collection from Luxor which tells the story of the ancient Egyptians in Thebes up to the Islamic times.

The museum also contains two of the royal mummies for Ahmose|, these mummies has two rooms on the ground floor in the museum

The upper floor of Luxor museum has a lot of silver bowls, amulets and tombs and grave furnishings

As you are in the museum take the chance to the reliefs on the re-erected wall of Akhenaten.

The 283 sandstone blocks pieces are covered with painting and reliefs, there blocks were originally belonged to Akhenaten’s temple


2-Medinet habu:

Medinet habu with the famous Valley of the Kings and the beautiful Deir Al-Bahri temple are the main attractions destinations on the west bank of the Nile

MAKE SURE to put Medinet Habu in your trip list, because this is one of the most beautiful and decorated temple

The complex consists of an older and small temple it was built during the 18th dynasty.

They enlarged later on the same period, also he great temple of Ramses |||, associated with a nice royal palace

The main temple was exactly built to match the model of Ramessum and , like Ramessum ; this temple was dedicated to god Amun

The monuments and the reliefs in Medinet Habu are among the best you can see in the west bank

3-Tombs of the Nobles :

Tombs of the Nobles

If you didn’t have the chance to visit the Valley of the Kings, then take a tour  in the tombs of the Nobles.

They are less famous than the Valley of the Kings but include more tombs which have better-preserved paintings

The area contains about 400 tombs of different dignitaries, which date is between the 6 th dynasty up to the Ptolemaic era

The tombs of nobles’ paintings aren’t about guiding the dead people to the afterlife.

but instead, they show and explain parts and scenes from Egyptian people daily life

Especially, the tomb of Rekhmire, the tomb of Nakht, tomb of Menna, tomb of Khonsu, tomb of sennofer are home of some vivid and amazing paintings

If you don’t have much time to visit all of these tombs , just see the tomb of sennofer and tomb of Rekhmire.

Both of them have amazing detailed paintings that showcase scenes from people’s daily lifestyle and family life.

Rekhmire was an overseer during the times of the pharaoh’s Vizier, while sennofer was during the time of Amenhotep ||

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the mortuary temple of seti I

Where are the Ramesseum temple and the mortuary temple of seti I ?


Here, we are taking about two temples that were dedicated to the god Amun, they are Ramesseum temple and the mortuary temple of seti I


This great mortuary temple was built by Ramses|| and was also dedicated to Amun as Medinet Habu.

It lies on the edge of the cultivated land, it’s about 1.5 Kilometers south Deir El-Bahri

about half of the original temple only remains, but it still has an amazing and impressive monument and reliefs.

During the Roman period it was known as the tomb of Ozymandias

The south and north tower have reliefs of Ramses||’s battle with the Hittites.

Ramesseum Temple


On the south tower, all of the left-hand half of the wall is describing the battle of Qadesh

Because on the walls,  you can see the scenes and paintings are describing Ramses  in his chariot against Hittites who were killed by his arrow or escaped in wild confusion and fall into the river

However, on the right, you can see the Hittite prince and the enemy fleeing into their fortress.


In the first court what remains is a huge figure of the king which it’s fragment was originally 17.5 meters high and weights more than 1000 tons.


2.The mortuary Temple of seti I 

Temple of Seti I

The mortuary Temple of seti I is also dedicated to Amun and to worship of the king’s father Ramses |.

The temple was left unfinished by seti I but it was adored by Ramses|| with inscriptions and reliefs which compete in quality with the work of Abydos.

The temple height was originally 158 meters long but now what the remains is the sanctuary, with it’s various chambers , halls and some pieces and fragments of pylons and courts.

3-Fellucca Ride to Banana island

Fellucca Ride to Banana island

If you make your list for the temples and tombs , you are going to visit in Luxor , then the best way to relax after along day in the historical places.

Take a boat in the Nile river and go to banana island , it’s small, palm-shaded and it’s perfect place to chill out

Take the felucca after visiting the places on your list

Then take it afternoon, sit back, relax and, enjoy the beautiful landscapes along the Nile sides as the boat sails up the river. if you will sail back on the sunset, you will have the chance to see the incredible view of the sunset on the Nile.

Make Sure to visit Ramesseum temple and the mortuary temple of seti I

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the great Sphinx of Giza

what is the story of the Great Sphinx? who was the king building it?

the story of the Great Sphinx is a great one as this is a colossal limestone 4,500 years old statue, it’s location is near the great pyramid of Giza.

It’s considered one of the most fascinating and wonderful landmarks in Egypt.

Its measurement is 73 meters in length and 20 meters in height.

What is the Sphinx?

It features to be with a human male face and a lion’s body with some variations.

The Sphinx, in ancient Egypt, was considered as a spiritual guardian.

Most of the time represented with human head and pharaoh headdress and some of the sphinxes were also included in some tombs and temples.

For example, the sphinx alley that located in Luxor is a two-mile avenue 

It links between Luxor and Karnak temples and it’s surrounded with smaller Sphinx statues.

There are Sphinxes that have similarity to woman pharaoh as Hatshepsut

There is a large alabaster Sphinx that exists at the temple of Ramesside in Memphis, Egypt.

The Sphinx is imported from Egypt to Greece and Asia about 15th to 16 th century B.C.

The Asian Sphinx is figured with eagle wings, most often female look, often raise one paw and sat on its haunches.

The Sphinx in Greece also has wings and a serpent tail as well.

How old is the great Sphinx?

The most widely accepted theory about when the Great Sphinx was built, is that it was constructed for Khafre around 2603 –  2578 B.C.

As some hieroglyphic reliefs say that the king Khufu, the father of Khafre, built the greatest and oldest pyramid of the three pyramids of Giza.

When Khafre became a king, he built his own pyramid next to his father’s pyramid and it’s 10 feats shorter than Khufu pyramid.

But Khufu pyramid is encircled by more statues as the great Sphinx.

There are some suggestions say that the great Sphinx has been painted because of the red dye on its face

According to the organization of the Sphinx and the pyramids, some scientists believe that there was a celestial goal from the temple and the great Sphinx

That was to resurrect the soul of Khafre by directing the power of the sun god and other gods also.


There are several pieces of evidences that link Khafre and his temple complex with the great Sphinx.

The reason for that is, the face and head of the Sphinx is very similar to life-size monuments of king Khafre, that have been found on the valley temple.

In addition to the remnants of the causeway that tie the mortuary temple next to Khafre’s pyramids, to the valley temple.

at the beginning of the 1900s, another ancient building was discovered, just in front of the Great Sphinx, it’s called the Sphinx temple and it has a similar design to the valley temple.

In the 1980s, another evidence was discovered that suggested that the limestones that used in building the walls of the Sphinx came from the ditch around the statue.

 It’s also believed that the workers transferred Quarry blocks for the temple of Sphinx during the great Sphinx construction.

Researchers suggested that it might have taken three years and 100 workers to the carve out the great Sphinx from the limestone.

There are some other shreds of evidence show that the workers quit suddenly before completely finish building the temple and the great Sphinx

As there was a leftover of workman’s lunch, some tool kits, and partially quarried bedrock.  

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best places to visit in Aswan

The best Places to Visit in Aswan including Abu Simbel and Nubian Museum

today, we will tell you about the best places to visit in Aswan as briefly as possible to help you have the best experience in Aswan.

Aswan for a long time has been hidden but now it starts to be remarked as one of the best places in Egypt besides Luxor.

Due to its fresh air, amazing landscape and also rare and beautiful ancient monument and reliefs.

Island tours :

The Nile River of Aswan contains a lot of different islands, every one of them is special and waiting to be explored.

It’s very near to the mainland, you can go there easily by local ferries or felucca (traditional sailboat),

but travelers and tourists gain a unique experience on these islands

The islands we are going to talk about are the Elephantine Island and Kitchener island

1- Elephantine island:

This island has more than colorful mud-brick houses, palm-trees and sandy houses.

This island is home for Aswan’s famous attractions as Aswan museum, the temple of Satet, Old kingdom temple of Khnum.

because of the monuments and buildings, it’s a prominent destination of any tour in Aswan.

This island is famous for the Nilometer which the ancient Egyptian use to Measure the rise or fall of the Nile and also predict the floods.

2-Kitchener island :

Take a boat ride to the island so you can visit Aswan botanical gardens and the famous temple of the Nobles.

Thanks to Lord Kitchener, the original owner of the island, the island becomes a great garden.

that contains different types of trees and plants from Africa and Asia.

Walking in this vast garden is a very enjoyable and beautiful thing you can do in Aswan especially if you are a nature lover.

Museum in Aswan :

If you are interested in Egyptian history as half of the people in the world.

you better visit Aswan and check out these wonderful museums that display a great collection of ancient documents and artifacts

1- Aga Khan Mausoleum:

Discover the Hidden Attractions in Aswan | Places to Visit in Aswan

It is located over the Nile bank, this museum is dedicated to sir Sultan Muhammed Shah.

he was the leader of the Shi’a Islam, Nizari Ismailia sect, he played a huge in affluential role in India partition.

This mausoleum contains his tombs and tells his life story

About his contribution and all the extensive and big charity, he did in Africa and Asia.

2-Nubian museum:

It’s considered one of the best places in Aswan, it has documents explaining the troubles and plight of people who were relocated to build Nasser lake and Aswan dam.

It also has pictures of ancient monuments, that have been lost under the water of Nasser lake during the dam construction.

The museum also contains artifacts of the Kush kingdom and ancient statues of Ramses||, the head of the Shpatka, Amenras, and the granite blank head of Tahraqa


It’s a small museum, dedicated to showcasing the tradition plants, animals and Nubia history.

It has a collection of stuffed animals that are endemic to Nubia , photographs of Nasser lake before the flood.

it also contains samples of sedimentary rocks and there are Nubian crafts are can buy from here, too

Aswan temples:

The temples of Aswan are beautiful for the eye and the soul. Don’t miss the chance  to visit these temples, the first temple we are going to talk about is :

1- Abu Simbel Temple :

If you still have some time to spend in Aswan, check out Abu Simbel , it’s one of the best places to visit in Aswan.

This temple was built by Ramses||, and you will be amazed by the ancient Egyptian engineering

2-Monastery of St.Simeon:


This monastery belongs to the 7th century and well preserved and located on the west bank of the Nile

Take the time to see the Bizarre aisled Basilica and the fresco with Christ enthroned between angels

3-Philae temple:

It’s located on an island on the Nile, this peaceful and beautiful sanctum is adorned with inscriptions.

Its beautifully lit hieroglyphics and stone windows.

You’ll be fascinated by the perfect symmetry of Isis temple as it reflects on the river water, as you sail towards the island

Take this opportunity to attend the light and sound show here as this is one of the best things you can do in Aswan

4- Kalabsha temple:

This temple belongs to Roman Emperor Augustus’s time.

Kalabsha temple was saved by UNESCO from destruction during the dam’s construction

Now it’s one of the most monuments in Nubia. The historical reliefs describe scenes from Ramses||’s time

This temple is considered the youngest temple in Aswan

The Unfinished Obelisk:

It’s location is just a few minutes away from the Nubian Museum and Aswan’s downtown area.

the unfinished obelisk is a strange and skillful monument of Aswan’s heritage.

This is the largest standing stone in Egypt, it has no cracks during its construction, and it weighs about 1,168 tons

This unfinished Obelisk tells you a lot about the effort and time consumed in building

all of these wonderful  and great ancient Egypt and the amazing skills that these masons had

Here, you can see all of these efforts and skills reflected and obvious in all the faces of the Obelisk

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