Antoniades Garden’s In Alexandria, Forgotten Gardens

Antoniades Garden’s, the oldest gardens of Alexandria, and indeed the world. Antoniades Garden’s In Alexandria tells about the history of successive eras in Egypt and the city of Alexandria. Some historians refer to the date of its establishment to the Ptolemaic period. Decorated around Antoniades Garden’s. A distinguished group of rare marble statues of mythological and historical figures. Antoniades Palace stands in a lofty setting. As it was a witness to the most important historical events of Egypt in the modern time. It is an ideal destination for those looking for recreation amidst the most beautiful landscapes.

Antoniades Palace

Antoniades Palace is located in the Garden. and its name is due to its owner, the Greek Baron John Antoniades . Who lived in Alexandria, the palace was in its start a villa. and when Khedive Tawfiq visited it. He issued a decree to convert it into a palace, and the building consists of two floors, besides the basement. In the reign of King Fouad. The lower floor was designated as reception halls and a dining hall, as well as the office and library .

The upper floor, divided into two sleeping suites. The first wing includes a place to sleep for the King. and the other for the Queen. In the middle of which is a hall for breakfast and attached to each place Private changing room. This wing also includes from the front side four princesses ‘rooms. through which one can see the statue of Venus. which was fixed in its hand a reflective mirror. That reflects the sunlight at sunrise to illuminate the princesses’ rooms . The corners of the front façade adorned the roof of the palace Four marble statues. Representing the four seasons . The palace has an entrance From the south, its sides decorated with lions made of pure alabaster.

Celebrity Garden

it contains several wonderful gardens. Including the Celebrity Garden. which includes statues of Vasco da Gama, Christopher Columbus and Magellan, who are among the most famous travelers in the world. It also includes a distinctive group of rare full-sized marble statues. Of mythological and historical figures. including statues of Venus, the goddess of beauty. besides statues representing the four seasons.

Botanical garden with international designs

The garden contains several designs for botanical gardens. Such as the Arab-Islamic, Greek, French and Italian styles. and it also contains several gardens. Including the Magellan Garden, Elnozha Garden, the Rose Garden. Which covers an area of ​​five acres and has a fountain and a marble statue and contains many rare flowers and roses. There is Antoniades Theater. Antoniades’ garden is a royal garden that hosted many kings around the world during their stay in Alexandria. As Reza Pahlavi and his wife Princess Fawzia, the sister of King Farouk. Also the palace witnessed the preparatory meeting of the League of Arab States at its start in 1944.

Activities that can you do

You can enjoy a picnic among a series of gardens within the complex. Which is an ideal destination for those looking for recreation in the most beautiful landscapes. You can enjoy a rich tour inside the Antoniades Palace. And its majestic French and Italian designs and decorations, collections and ancient treasures. The most beautiful of which is the sunlight.that reflected From the mirror of Venus on the windows of the southern palace. Antoniades Gardens also has corridors of wonderful architectural and engineering designs. drawn from Andalusian, Italian, French and Greek cultures. surrounding park also includes a series of fine seafood restaurants. Other eastern and international food restaurants in Alexandria. and many modern cafes as well, where you can enjoy a delicious meal or a delicious drink after your long tour.


Entrance for Egyptians: 20 pounds. Entry for students: 5 pounds. Entry for tourists: 50 pounds. Photo ticket: 20 pounds.

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